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On one of the most important days of your life, rely on us to make it right!


Staff lunches and parties will be even more fun when you have nothing to worry about.


Social events are highly important to our clients, and we guarantee perfect rentals.


We will be more than happy to work with you during your business or family picnic!


We absolutely love handling all big, small, adults or kids festivals!


Anything you need, we got you covered, no matter the day or event.


Clients About Us

We were glad to have you as our caterer on the special day such as our wedding! Thank you for your amazing work, we recommend your service to everyone

Laura and Adam Jones
Laura and Adam Jones, NY

The anniversary went just fine. The food and the catering staff were fantastic. We appreciate you being prompt and creative, God bless your company

Sarah and Thomas Adams
Sarah and Thomas Adams, NC

Our church was having a small charity event for children, and you guys made it perfect. The kids loved the food, and we are definitely calling you back

Nicole and Steven Martin
Nicole and Steven Martin, WV

The city picnic that was held last weekend here in park was amazing! Thank you guys for the impeccable service and awesome snacks with yummy desserts

Natalie and Kylie Smith
Natalie and Kylie Smith, DC