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5 Things to Remember to Rent for Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding can be a HUGE undertaking! There are SO many details and things to remember. Rentals especially can be overwhelming, and some things can easily be forgotten.  Here are 5 things to remember to rent for your wedding day! Everything Photographed in this blog can be rented at Primary Event Rentals.

  1. Luxurious Tents

The weather is an unpredictable piece to any outdoor event. Especially here in Northern Colorado, you never know what you are going to get! Having a tent to keep guests out of the elements can turn a disaster into a blissful blessing!

2. Symbolic Arches

Adding an arch to a ceremony or reception can create a gorgeous and natural frame for amazing wedding day pictures!

3. Beautiful Lounge Seating

Comfy pillows, chairs and couches can transform any venue into a dreamy space where guests will want to stay forever! They also make for epic wedding day photos!

4. Unique Serving Dishes

Appetizers, Desserts and even wedding favors can be displayed in a way that will make wedding guests wanting more!

5. Fun Table Decor

Mix and match place settings will keep wedding guests entertained and help some remember which glass is theirs! A special touch on the tables will help seal the wedding in their mind for days to come!

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Everything Photographed in this blog can be rented at Primary Event Rentals.

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